Welcome to Astrology Delhi

Welcome to the website of Shri Sudhir Suri, a well known Astrologer who’s made hundreds of correct and accurate predictions for years. Sudhir Ji has the ability to predict accurate dates in the future for life events like having a child, business growth, going abroad, ending of bad time, starting of a good phase etc. A master of Kundlis, Match Making, Vastu Shastra, Manglik issues etc., Mr Suri is capable of identifying and solving a lot of day today problems with his immense knowledge of Astrology. Which gem to wear to negate the effect of a planet or to avoid a bad phase or to¬†help in a particular behavioral change or¬†generally to make things better are all topics that Sudhir ji is a master of.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to pick the phone and speak with Sudhir Suri ji. He’s just a phone call away. Why not discuss your problem with him, he may have a solution that would change your life.

*Please note: Mr Suri charges a consultation fee will be quoted to you before you come and visit.